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Doritos and Sherry Class

Doritos and Sherry Class  - Crunchy Red Fruit

Doritos & Sherry 101: How to Pair Wine With Junk Food

We've been WAITING to do this class. As much as we love steak and caviar, and as much as we harp on wines made transparently with no chemicals, we also love our junk food. If anything, this class is a cry for us to not take ourselves too seriously. We'll be tasting five wines paired to five snacks and answering the questions:

- What do you pair with a Dick's Cheeseburger?

- Why does Palo Cortado Sherry work so well with Nacho Cheesier* Doritos? 

- What do you pair with a candy bar at 3 am in the morning in a hospital waiting room? Hint: it's not a plastic cup of cafeteria apple juice

- Why did this commercial become fixed in the collective imaginations of a generation?

...And many other fun pontifications. This class has snacks and wine provided, and it will most certainly be worth your while! Come slum it with us and eat some delicious junk food.

Class takes place Wednesday, September 29 at 6 pm at our South Park Warehouse:
309 S Cloverdale St, Suite C9, Seattle, WA 98108

Allergy/dietary warning: unfortunately, this is not a class that can accommodate dietary restrictions with the snacks served. This will most certainly not be our last food and wine pairing class, and at future classes we'll have options for food accommodations.

*Doritos Nacho Cheese used to be called "Nacho Cheesier" and they changed it. Fools! I remember the real name!