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Bichi Rosa 2019Crazy, pickled jalapeños

Bichi Rosa 2019 Crazy, pickled jalapeños - Crunchy Red Fruit
$35.00 750mL

Bichi is a project started by the Tellez brothers, their mother, and a French winemaker named Louis-Antoine Luyt. They are Mexico’s first natural winery, and have grabbed the attention of the wine world with their hilarious labels and conversation-starting wines all made in the Valle del Guadalupe in the north of Baja California. 

When we talk about natural wines, we’re talking about a bare minimum of intervention in the winemaking process. No chemicals of any kind in the vineyard, no additives in the winery, nothing but wild, ambient yeast used during fermentation. These wines are often tangier, funkier and stranger, but they have an energy and vibrancy to them that can’t be overlooked.

This wine is a bright vermillion color. There’s a bucket of crazy notes here: rhubarb, white balsamic vinegar, tart strawberries, pickled radish, and Mama lil’s peppers. This is not a Big Fruit™ wine that you’d see in a grocery store. This is an artistic, opinionated work. It also wants food badly. It’s certainly delicious on its own, but has a wild, intense nature that endears it to spicy and tart dishes.

  • BlendUnidentified
  • CountryMexico
  • RegionBaja California
  • AppellationTecate
  • Alcohol12%