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Crunchy Red Fruit Bubble BoxThree bottles of our favorite bubbles

Crunchy Red Fruit Bubble Box Three bottles of our favorite bubbles - Crunchy Red Fruit
$85.00 750mL


Three bottles of our favorite bubbles: one Champagne, one cremant, and one awesome prosecco. Here's what they are:

1 - Liébart-Régnier "Blancs de Blanche" Brut NV

This is another bottling from the tiny family vineyard of Liébart-Régnier, who we featured recently with another bottling. A perfect blanc de blancs Champagne, showcasing brisk acidity, round texture, and beautiful brioche and lemon curd aromatics. I'd drink this over the overpriced Champagne they sell in the Costco or Kroger "luxury" section any day. Don't let the corporations sell you mass-market crap. Drink something authentic instead.

2 - Olivier Morin "Tentacion" Cremant de Bourgogne.

Chardonnay grown in Burgundy, but made into an awesome bubbly. This wine is pure deliciousness, and you'd be hard pressed to blind taste this against Champagne and correctly identify it. Chalky, bright, crisp and silky in texture.

3 - Terre di Marca Prosecco

Prosecco, but make it actually good. This is a far cry from the bogus, mass-produced prosecco that typically adorns supermarket shelves. This is grown organically, hand harvested, and made by a small family vineyard in the Veneto region of Italy. It tastes like fresh pear juice with bubbles. I could drink this all day.