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Wine and Cheese Class with Street Cheese

Wine and Cheese Class with Street Cheese  - Fruit Wine Co.

Join Jackson Rohrbaugh and cheesemongers Tailor Kowis & Courtney Johnson for an evening of food and wine pairing. We’ll be discussing in depth one of life’s most magical partnerships, wine + cheese. We will be tasting 6 wines alongside 6 cheeses, and we’ll discuss why they work together. If you want to dive into the nature of food pairing alongside some delicious wines, this is the event for you.

Street Cheese is a mobile cheese shop primarily serving the communities south of Central Seattle. Street Cheese offers cheeses by the wedge or wheel, charcuterie and accompaniments for cheese, cheese and charcuterie plates, platters, and grazing tables, and educational experiences. Street Cheese’s passion lies in serving the cheesemakers by telling their stories—and the company sources a variety of local cheeses, as well as high-quality domestic and imported cheeses that meet stringent ingredient standards. Street Cheese’s mission is to make good cheese accessible to more people across our region—which involves cheese and platter deliveries, as well as scheduled events at rotating locations. 

Street Cheese was founded in 2020 and is owned by two career cheesemongers, Tailor Kowis and Courtney Johnson. They have a combined 21 years of experience behind the counter and bring a high level of skill to cheese selection, care, and pairing. Tailor was born and raised in West Seattle and has a passion for high-quality, seasonal food, and unconventional flavor combinations; she is the creative brain behind the business. Courtney is a transplant from Arizona by way of the Bay Area; she is the company’s chief educator as a PhD and an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional and Cheese Sensory Evaluator.

Take it from us, Tailor and Courtney know their stuff and are super good at what they do. We’ve been working with them for years and we love the way they choose, prepare and present cheese. We can’t wait for you to meet them too!