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Crunchy Pink Fruit Box

Crunchy Pink Fruit Box  - Fruit Wine Co.
$ 50.00 $ 45.00 750mL

Crunchy PINK Fruit is our love letter to affordable, drinkable rosé and we can't wait to share these three fun bottles with you. Some of last year's wine is included here, and like many rosés these days, an extra year of bottle age is doing the wines favors–it's added texture and weight, with a lot of crisp fruit still up front on the palate.

Here's three bottles of delicious rosé from three different regions of the world, handpicked by us. As the season progresses, wines will rotate in and out of the lineup, but we'll keep pricing largely the same, providing supply stays steady. 

Included in this box:

- Raúl Pérez "Los Arrotos" Rosado 2021  - whoa, if there was a wine that tasted like watermelon juice and fruit punch, this is the one. This is made from hand-harvested Prieto Picudo grapes native to northern Spain. It's a darker color than most rosés, owing to a two-day maceration before the skin and juice is separated. This gives a touch more texture on the palate. This is a very unique and delicious rosé!

- A.J. Adam Spätburgunder Rosé 2021 - If you blinded me on this Pinot Noir rosé from the Mosel River valley in Germany, I'd have thought it was a dry Riesling grown on slate soil. But no–this is a pale pink wine, tangy and luscious all at once, and is unlike anything I've ever had before. Can't wait to pop this with salads and charcuterie.

- Château Pampelonne Rosé 2021  - Classic, tangy, Provençal rosé. This is for warm days on the deck or near the water, and is best drank fully chilled.