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Tamellini Extra Brut 2010Veneto, Italy

Tamellini Extra Brut 2010 Veneto, Italy - Crunchy Red Fruit
$25.00 750mL

Aged sparkling wine is a revelation if you're never had it. Young sparkling wines have snappy bite and agressive bubbles...after ten years that verve is still there, but balanced out by complex, earthy aromatics and a slight softening in the bubbles. This is one that has gone the distance. If you liked the Tissot bubbles, or any of the Champagnes we've sold thus far, you'll love this.


The Tamellini brothers Gaetano and Pio Francesco grew up around their family's vineyards, but always wondered why there wasn't a winery. They decided to change that in 1998, and have continued to farm their land organically and make low-intervention wines since then. They're an anomaly in the Soave region where they're located. Very few producers make sparkling wine, and fewer make anything nearly this good.