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illicit 7snuck through hills and valleys

illicit 7 snuck through hills and valleys - Crunchy Red Fruit
$32.00 750mL

Even the phrase "snuck through the hills and valleys of the Pacific Northwest" didn't pass muster with The Man, so we had to get even more generic. Why? Well, we took a hint from winemakers we've featured in Circle releases like Johannes Zillinger and blended vintages. We blended regions (ever so slightly) and even unconventional grape varieties. These things may not necessarily be allowed under OR and WA state wine labeling laws, but they made for better wine in the end, hence the "American Red Wine" final appellation.

This wine is 99% Pinot Noir from one really great vineyard in Oregon's Willamette Valley, blended over three vintages. That's all I'm going to say. Some might call it illicit not to disclose any more, but we think the wine is absolutely stellar, and you will too. This was produced at WT Vintners by winemaker Jeff-Lindsay Thorsen. Besides being the winemaker at WT, Jeff has been the wine director at RN74 Seattle since its opening. He's a Burgundy expert and understands Pinot Noir in a way that few do. Jeff and I blended this one together, trying several different combinations until we got something resonant, beautiful, and thrumming with energy. 

In the glass, this is pure ripe red fruit. Stewed bing cherries come forth, with notes of fresh pine and dried roses, supported by a warming undertone of toasted allspice and vanilla bean. Red volcanic clay, sweet cherry tomato, and sagebrush hide in the undergrowth, popping out as you swirl and sip. A mouthful of raspberry, cherry and red currant rushes in ripe but finishes dry and tart. 

  • Blend99% Pinot Noir, 1% ?
  • CountryUSA